FRx Add on Module ...

Hi, Is this add-on module available in UK? What would be the cost of this module? Can someone let me know please. Thanks, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, as far as I remember FRx for Axapta 3.0 will only be released in the US. For version 4.0 FRx will be better integrated and will be released in the english speaking countries… …but on the other hand, I read the release notes for Service Pack 3 for Axapta 3.0, and it stated that FRx integration was part of the SP - no need for an .xpo file to be imported. To be honest I have never seen the product, but my guess is that it will have problems regarding reporting across dimensions - basically because dimensions is a new concept to them as GreatPlains does not have dimensions (if I’m wrong please let me know). Regards, H. Jaeger Aston Business Solutions

Hi, Thank you very much for your response. According to my source, FRx integration with Axapta would be available for customers in North America, UK and Australia by end of 2004 as an add-on module. And again, I hear that the dimension wizard in this add-on module would enable users to create detailed reports across Axapta dimension structure… Yet to see any official response from Microsoft though… Thanks, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi, SP3 is released now and I understand FRx has been released along with that as well. Has anyone had a chance to look at this module yet? Is this worth buying? Any comments? Thanks, Harish Mohanbabu