Frozen inventory

Hello Does anyone work in, or have experience, of an environment large enough that when you do a stock check/cycle count on location, that transactions occur after the physical journal has been run and should be back calculated back into the counted figure. Some systems “freeze” inventory and then take into the consideration the movement post freeze to get a true stock figure, i.e. if you freeze the inventory on 10/09/02 and post the journal on 12/09/02, your stock on 10/09/02 may have been 10, but you enter 9 counted and this is because 1 was sold on the 11/09/02, so I would enter 9 on the physical inventory journal, which is one less than that calcualted, and then it would remove one from stock, giving me an inventory of 8. Some systems would take into consideration the sale and not post the adjustment. Whilst I understand this is an issue of timing the concept of freezing stock is common place and makes stock checking easier, although I suppose as long as you know the rules its a starting point. Has anyone done anything in this area or am I just being picky? [:D] Steve

Hi Steve, You could always refresh the physical inventory journal on the 12th (as per your eg.) just before posting the journal so that your calculated inventory is updated. But you could do some minor modifications to retain your values in the physical inventory field in a temp field and then recalculate the differences. We have done this for one of our customers. I hope the total concept of “freeze” is a little hard to conceptualize in a practical situation. Cheers