From fbk of Navision 2.60 to Sql Server 2000


First, sorry for my ignorance. We have acquired a small business which system is based on Navision 2.6, for what I am trying myself to put a day to forced marches.
Surely, the question that I raise is a triteness, but, the truth, is that I do not know how to do it. I am trying to make a backup and restore it in sql server 2000. The Backup, without problem. But how can I restore it creating a new database in the Sql Server? Can I restore directly in sql server the file fbk of the backup generated?

Thank you very much for your help.


You first need to create a new database on SQL Server.The procedure is following:

  1. In the Run type (enter) “finsql” and press ENTER, navision window will open

  2. In the Navision window go to File>> Database >>New

  3. Enter the SQL Server name and valid credentials

  4. Then enter the Name of new database.

Once this is done then, in the same window go to Tools>> Restore and give the path of backup file.

On completion of restore, system will give the confirmation message.

Ok. That’s right Dhan.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Alexander,

You are welcome.