Frensworkz sign contract with Focus and set CRM for new media company again

Recently, Frensworkz signed contract with Focus to set CRM system. This is the third company in new media industry after SOHU and Tecent.

Focus( is one of seven State Council qualified business website, which can publish relevant news. It is the most popular and valuable real estate website. In November, 2003, Focus was taken over by Sohu. By the advantage of the brand of Sohu, its successful business and operationg mode and its leading position in web media of real estate in China, Focus is planning to open sub-website in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Xi’an, Chengdu and Chongqing in the first phase. Sohu and Focus will build the biggest company in real estate media and exploit the gold mine in real estate.

Focus is the biggest real estate news platform and its business is developing fast. So, Focus has to face the situation of fast and frequent changing of adversitisement resource, abundant of hand-work and contract and order off-line operation. In the selection process, Focus was very interested in the friend interface, easy usability and flexible customization of Microsoft CRM. Frensworkz has abundant implementation experience and deep understanding in new media industry. It is a guarantee for Focus to realize management informationizaiton.

Frensworkz’s solution will help Focus manage customers, resource, contract, orders and reports. Real-time management of temporary advertisement resource reduces hand work.The report service is flexible and employee can process orders and contract online. Data integration and centralized management will improve the working efficiency of different departments, regulate and optimize work process.

We believe Frensworkz will have an more deeper and complete understanding of new media industry after the implementation of Focus CRM. And we can offer moer professional solution.