Freigth Charges(Importation Process)

Hi, I have a question about Charges in Imporation. The Scenario is: We purchase the Item fro mOther Country, then we Invoice it here…then Post the transaction…but Eventually there is Additional Chrges regarding that purchase…How I we add that chrages from Posted Invoice…any Suggestion? hoping for your reply :smiley:

When you apply an item charge you can assign to a posted purchase receipt.

Just do

Line → Item Charge assignment → Functions → Get Receipt Lines.
Select matching receipt line to correct invoice.

if you mean by invoice, create a purchase order on NAV and post it, you can do what nuno said.

but if you mean fill it in an invoice and post, you have to make sure that in purchase and payable setup “receipt on invoice” in selected, so you get a purchase receipt


I do the suggestion you gave me,But how can i detemine the link between the Posted receipt and the charge(item) that I post? I try locate the link of that transaction, but I cannot see it or what Fields…Hoping for your reply.TY[:D]

I didn’t understood you question about linked purchase receipt and item charge?

Before you post the item charge, you can determine the linke by looking at Table 5805 Item Charge Assignment (Purch).

The Applies-to Doc Type, Applies-to Doc No., and Applies-to Line No. tell you which Purchase Receipt this Item charge is associated with.

After the item charge is posted, the “remants” is a value entry on the original item ledger entry associated with item ledger entry. However, the document no. on that value entry will come from the freight purchase invoice.

Thanks for your suggestion and advise…[:D]