if the company gets a purchase invoice say Rs.10000 . The invoice value is Rs.10000

out of which an amount of Rs. 2000 is to be paid towards freight charges to the transporter on unloading (10000-2000).

This amount (2000) could be claimed from the purchaser via credit note

how could this be achieved in navision

Tried setting up in tax xtructure but 2000 is getting added and getting 12,000 as payable but only 8000 is payable and 2000 will be raised as credit note

I don’t remember now how structure worked but i did change minimum value to be some -100000 in a db on structure line table if i am right. Then i manually filled in the value and i got what u have asked. Make sure u do not select load on inventory. (I remember this atleast [:)]).

Addition : Check with technical person exactly which table it picks up data from and try it on test db.

Open a G/L Account “Freight Recoverable” and add new line in purchase document with Quantity as “-1” and Direct Unit cost as 2000 and post. If you want a separate document then pass a credit memo. When booking transporter invoice debit it to the G/L account mentioned above.