freezing the NAV window during posting


i would like to ask regarding the scenario i encountered in NAV 5.0 with sql 2008 server

during posting the windows freeze and become white, i used the profiler and what i see is

exec sp_execute 674,17,1226763, 2147483647,‘area’ and constanly showing this.

just like a loop. i can’t figure it out.

I would activate the debugger and trace the code! it is possible that two triggers are calling each other…


I think this might happen when multiple user simultaneously posting in the same table and due to this locking of processes is happening.

the problem is even I’m the only user and i’m using SA still the window freeze and end up with not responding, the transaction goes to the posted table.I even run the debugger and can’t show me the possible error. hope there is a solution for this or figure out why it happened. thanks

Any major customization with the standard process ?


Did you get a resolution to this issue? Was this a one off or did you resolve it another way?


what i did is i remove all the objects and retain the tables only, then import the remaining objects it also

lead to upgrade to NAV 2009 r2. it solve my problem