Freezing of Tool Bar

Hi I want to disable the tool bar in one particular form, so that user can’t use filter ,removefilter , flowfilter etc. IS IT POSSIBLE? Rajan

No, the ability to filter can only be controlled through permissions and it is a global setting (not form specifiable). But! I remember there was once a request to disable the Zoom (CTRL+F8) functionality on a Form: It was also not possible exactly as requested, but David explained a way where it could be controlled to a certain degree. Maybe you can check if it is also valid for filtering actions.

Well, just speculating a bit here… Provided that particular form is run modally you could actually modify the user’s permissions at runtime, i.e. delete System Permissions 3220 & 3230 from the user’s profile - run the form - and afterwards insert these permissions again. Of course the System Permissions would have to be personalized for each of the users in question - also these users should have access to permissions themselves. Don’t know if it could work, though - haven’t tried it [:p]

Hi SV, I think you are going too far… [:D] Let me see if I got it right. When you say personalized permissions, you mean that you would have to remove the System 3220|3230 permissions from the ALL Security Group. Then you would have to create - for each User - his own Security Group where you would just assign permissions to System 3220|3230 and to the Permission TableData itself (Indirect Read/Write). After this, the Form’s calling object would need to be designed with explicit Read/Write permission to the Permission table (lost already?[:D]). This object would modify the User’s Security Group Permissions before and after running the Form. This is what you mean, correct? Actually, it should work - maybe a COMMIT would be necessary. Talk about work arounds! What did you have for breakfast? I want the same! [:D]

Hi Nelson, Yeah, that’s it! – thanks for elaborating my thoughts so eloquently. And I very much agree – It’s waaayyy over the top…. I don’t think I’d ever endorse it commercially, but it’s great fun to push the old C/Side environment and find solutions to the seemingly impossible isn’t it? BTW – I had my usual 3 cups of coffee with cigarettes for breakfast [8D]