Freeze/ Block Stock from Inventory Movement


I am using AX 2009. Could somebody advise how do i freeze/ block stock from inventory movement?

Say warehouse: ABC

Inventory on hand: 100 pcs at ABC

May i know what is the configuration to set in order to freeze/ block stock from inventory movement?

Thank you.




I believe there is No specific configuration to Freeze or block stock from inventory movement or transactions



You could use the “manual” check box on the warehouse form to exclude a particular warehouse stock from MRP use, that way the stock wouldn’t be taken into account.


Hello Alice, why would you like to block your stock? Depending on that there are some functions that may help you. As mentioned before the ‘manual’ check box in the warehouse planning parameters would avoid MRP to consider that stock. An item counting journal for that specific warehouse would avoid any transaction to be done related to that warehouse untill the journal is posted. If the items in that warehouse are in quarantine, you can avoid that any transaction use them untill the quality order is closed.

But all of this depends on your necessities.



Hi Héctor,

I would like to block the stock movement for those warehouses such as scrap room & rejected warehouses. These warehouses is different from quarantine warehouse context. Why i said so? For example, scrap room is the temporary storage to store the scrap item before they finally sell/scrap to the scrap collector.

Another case, we do store the rejected items to a rejected warehouse. Why don’t we use quarantine order? We do use the quarantine order to quarantine the item, check the quality of the item & this process is done by QA dept. Say the item is being rejected, the current practice is to end the quarantine order and then store the item into a rejected warehouse. We do not directly scrap this item because the item carries a significant cost. Thus, all the rejected item are stored in rejected warehouse and are pending for final review. The final review is to justify the item quality and may or may not go to rework process. Thus, this rejected warehouse should not have any inventory movement until final review is made.

As per scenarios above, is there a way to block/ freeze stock from inventory movement?

In this case, item counting journal is not relevant i believe.

For MRP, manual check box is a good feature! Thanks a lot!

Hi Alice, a way I’m thinking of is with proper authorization for the scrap/rejected warehouse to just one or two (users) risponsable persons who will be able to do adjustments or movements from or to that particular warehouse, in that way you will avoid others to accidentally make use of that stock.

I don’t know other native functionallity that will allow you so.

Good luck and regards


Hi Héctor,

Thank you so much for your suggestion!


Use Record Level Security (Administration/setup/Security/Record Level security) to make the warehouse you dont want transactions on invisible to all user groups. Let me know if this sounds good


Hi Alice,

Try thr following:

from item details screen click the setup button and select site specific order settings. Go to Inventory tab and check the Stopped checkbox.

This will stop all item movements for the specific site.


Hi Avi,

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, my company is only using single site. now



Hi Dare,

I tried using the record level security. But it doesn’t work. I still manage to select the from warehouse and to warehouse in the transfer order form.



Working practice generally covers this. I would separate “scrap” into a separate warehouse this makes it obvious enough to the users, you also train them, they understand the process. If a user then sells from the scrap warehouse and it never gets picked or dispatched they have to explain to the customer what happened.

hello alice,

The Record level security option works perfectly for me, maybe it wasnt setup properly. You need to create a new warehouse where the scrap items will be dumped. Then use record level security to prevent your sales group from seing this warehouse by assigning all the other warehouses except the newly created scrapped warehouse, the transfer journal will definitely not show the newly created scrap warehouse. Maybe you need to go over the setup again as it works fine here



Hi Alice,

In Ax 2009 you can stop the item from item master, select the site specification button there in inventory tab you can stop the stock for being posted in movement journal

Harathi, as explained by the OP in the post they cannot use this because they are single site and the differentiation is by warehouse.

Thanks Dare!

Hi Alice, do you have this already working? Following Dare suggestion I manage to replicate this in my test invironment, I was able now to block myself to registrate any kind of movement from/to a particular warehouse.

Hi Avi, I found a native functionality that might help you, but you need to set the warehouse to use locations (you can have just one location for a warehouse) and you also need WMS II.

If you go to: Inventory management\Stock breakdown\Locations\Other(tab), there is a section call Blocking with two options Input blocked and Output blocked. You need to create a reason to assign to those two fields in order to block inputs/outputs of stock. In that way you can only block incoming materials or outgoing or both at the same time but will apply to all users, is a nice function.

Again you will need to use security functionallity to allow only some users to access that form, if not, anyone can un-block the location.

Best regards


thanks. it is interesting i will try it