Freelance Dynamics NAV (Belgium)

Hi all

Since 2001 I’m working as a developper of Dynamics NAV. Within a few months I’m going te start as a freelance developper and I can use all the information about getting in touch with prospects …

Someone who can help me with some information?


You need to determine and focus on your target customer groups; who are they, where are they and what do they do?
You need to determine your USP - what expereince and skills can you offer to customers that is unqiue?
Do you have skills to complement you Dynamics skills. Such as Excel or Access or SQL?
If you visit a local business start-up clinic they will talk about price, product, promotoin and place.

Form my experience :
First place is current customers, both end users and Navision partners.
If you can make a good relationship with an end-user then you could attend User Group meetings and find other end-users. Maybe you can use your best customer to help promote your services.
Another option is to advertise.
Another option is to visit local businesses and sell yourself.
Another option is to visit local accountants and business consultants.

For me this is the wrong time to go freelance;

Good luck.


Why? Because I can doe much more with all the experience I have than just staying on my current job.

Good relationships with end-users is no problem. A few customers can certainly promote me.

It could be the wrong time to start yes but I believe in it and I will go for it, no mather how hard it will be. [:)]

Have you considered working with other Navision partners?

Yes I did. I’ve contact with some partners but there is at this moment nothing concrete. Normally it would be within a few weeks.

Probably working with other Navision partners would also be the best and easiest. When only working with end-users, you have to buy your own developper license or how do other freelancers do that?


Je suis a la recherche d´une formation de courte duree sur Navision qui peut m aider