Free text invoice Report design change based on ENUM vaules


I have added a new design in SSRS Report using Visual Studio.And i want to change “Free Text invoice Report” based on the Enum values which is being selected.

I have deployed the newly created report “Successfully” ,and i have added the same in both PrintMgmtReportFormat Table and also in AR->Setup->Form Setup-> general - >Print Management (button) → Free Text Invoice.

I am facing a problem while opening the report (i.e)When i select a single record and print the report,two reports are opened - one with default report design and the other with the new design which i had created.

Please can anyone help me saying how to restrict the report opening in the default design(i want the report to be printed in the new format specified by me).



What design the does the report format uses here?

You can change the default report format \Classes\PrintMgmtDocType\getDefaultReportFormat

I had already tried as per you had mentioned here but changing in that way will reflect only one design which i have created…but currently i have three different designs and based on the selection i would like the report to be generated as per the selection made by me.

Can you please suggest me for the same

You can modify the controller for this. You can decide the design based on the contract values in preRunModifyContract.

look at \Classes\PayrollWorkerPaymRegisterController\preRunModifyContract

Ok Kranthi, Will try doing as per you suggestion.

But i came across a setup in Accounts receivable > Setup > Forms > Form setup. Click Print management.

When i click a particular print setup (i.e) the default print setup and right click,I’m allowed to add a new print definition in which i can specify “Condition”.

I believe that the new print definition added to the original print definition will work based on the condition given (i.e) if the condition is satisfied the new print definition is taken into consideration and the report is generated with the new design.

Please correct me if i’m wrong with my understanding.



I don’t think that will work for your scenario as that is query dependent and you requirement is to have enum value based report

Did you manage to solve this problem?
I ask because I have the same.