Free Text Invoice - Main Account determination is NOT as expected. Incorrect posting values.

Hi All,

Help required please.

I have an issue with ‘Free text Invoice’ determining the correct main account during posting (The setup is for a public sector company so we have Billing Codes and Classification)

Essentially, against the Invoice Line, I choose a billing code (which based on setup automatically populates Main Account ‘11111’ as one (Income) side of the double entry). The contra side is ofcourse based on the Customer Posting Profile (the debtor side) – assume its ‘22222’.

When I post this invoice / or click on ‘View Distributions’ or click on ‘Subledger Journal’ options from the Action Plane, the debit side is rightly posted to ‘22222’ but the credit side is a completely different account (say ‘66666’) than what I expect. I.e. Not ‘11111’. I am struggling to comprehend how the derivation of main account ‘66666’ has happened. I can see the ‘66666’ when I click on the ‘Distribute Amount’ tab under ‘Invoice Line’ fast tab too.

‘66666’ is not part of the Billing Code / classification setup – that points to ‘11111’. No manual override by me. Also

· There are no allocation rules set

· NO FTI templates of any sort

· No posting rules setup

· No development around this area

Any idea where else I should look?

Thank you


Correct in para one - Issue with Free text Invoice determining an INCORRECT main account

Hi Prometheus,

I’ve encountered the same issue. Did you have the solution? Thanks