Free space needed

Hi I was just wondering. To optimize my database how much of my database has to be free space. I know Navision uses the free space as swapping space for all the different version to perform rollbacks if data is changed. So how much free space would be a good amount to allow the database to perform stuff a bit faster?

Hi Lin, by experience a value between 10% and 15% of the whole DB-size should be a good value. br Josef Metz

So when it is time to expand the database, you should expand to a size that gives you about 20% free space, so you have some room to grow.

I’m going back in memory a bit, but it seems to me that 70% utilization was the target (ie. 30% free space). I’ll try to follow up with some actual documentation.

According to Microsoft’s guidelines, you must maintain at least 20% of free space for creating new db versions and so on… …so anything around 20% should be sufficient, but you’ll definetely get better performance with a little something more than 20%… …perhaps 30% like Chris suggests …