Hi all, I want to hide/show a frame containing field controls based on the currency code in the gl setup record. I am able to compile, but when I try to run the form it gives me an error message : ‘The form does not recognize the control 10000052’ where 10000052 is the id of the control I named cCurrencyFrame. I am using the following syntax: IF ( glSetupRec.“LCY Code” <> ‘USD’ ) THEN CurrForm.cCurrencyFrame.VISIBLE := FALSE ELSE CurrForm.cCurrencyFrame.VISIBLE := TRUE;:

Just tried it, and it works fine here. I placed my code in OnAfterGetCurrRecord. Using Attain 3.60 DK-version with all the latest Hotfixes.

Hi Darryl, you probably have written your code in the OnInit() trigger but in this trigger navision doesn’t know the controls yet. You have to write the code in the OnOpenForm() trigger. Regards, Wendy.