Frame caption ML

Hi guys (and girls too :)) I work with XP SP2 ML (french) I have a problem with special characters as ’ é è ö’ … these characters are not correctly interpreted in frames. This problem only appears in the caption ML of a frame. The characters are corretly interpreted in label captions and so on. [B)] Does anyone have an explanation to help me Thank you

What about something with Font for Window caption bar (display properties - visual settings)?

I had a look at pc language settings, "visual settings"and so on. Changing Font in windows settings does not help. In the same frame the tooltip caption ML is correct! I will use normal characters… :slight_smile: But I’d like to know…

We have no problem with Czech characters… but in some cases on the english Win there are wrong characters. But it is only about installing right locales. Which OS version do you have? Tried you it on another system? Which OS language you are using?

XP Multilanguage + ML pack french VERSION 5.1 2600.XPSP_SP2_rtm.040803-2158 Navision Attain 3.10A SQL All default on the “problematic” pc are set to ‘FRENCH’. Begin to think;Mini Navision bug?

Try to do technical (C/SIDE) upgrade to newer version… many changes there for SQL.

Regards from Austria, encountered the same for German special characters.