FoxPro and Navision

I now have the VFPCOM.dll, has anyone integrated Navision and foxpro using this Com untility? Can they give me any advice?

Hello Tony, right now i’m making 2-way integration between vfp-attain using NAS & xml. i know NAS, and u must be familiar with vfp rite ? well i don’t know vfp much… please contact me. or yahoo messenger ID : dargombes135

i have made foxpro- navision integration using NAS. Right now i use VB to act as xml posting tool to NAS, that get data from vfp database(*.dbf) and it works fine. I use VB because if i create the xml from foxpro using dbf2xml/wwXML from it to MQ, there’s dot(.) between each character in the body message in the queue. Does anyone here had same experience ? So if i use vfp to build the xml & post it to navi it would be like this : <.i.t.e.m>. <n.o.>.<./.n.o.> <./.i.t.e.m>

You need nothing extra to integrate Foxpro with Navision, just good old programming skills. No extra classes needed. VFP right of the box with that C/ODBC driver will do :-))) No C/Front needed

No Crystal things etc…

And XML might be an option to interface with MS Project. But the very wrong way.

Better skip XML and go about the good old way. Still works.

BTW, C/ODBDC direct out of MS Project won’t work. Save your efforts.

When I started on first Navision 3.7 in 2004 I used no XML at all. My XML efforts are every time put aside because i am not found of it.

Dataportals was the thing. and plain old flat ascii files witrh appropiate delimiters. The first data migration from a SQL database based on old Unix system was accomplished in 3 very tiny foxpro programms. Whole migration took place in 15 minutes only.