Found this....

Hi All. I was playing with a Proper Case function for a new addon im developing… and I found something I hadnt tried before. Someone else has probably found it before but I thought I’d put it up anywhere as I couldnt find it by seraching. Small… but somewhat useful tip: you can reference the resulting string of an UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE function by index like any string. eg… Letter:=UPPERCASE(String)[i]; where i is integer and String is text and Letter is char. Of course you can have String2[j] on the left hand side too. So where String=‘hello world’, i=7 Letter would equal W Anyway… it was nice at the time as it made my Proper case function very simple. :). I ahvent tried the rest of the string functions yet. cya Craig Edited by - cbradney on 2001 Dec 05 13:49:15

Even better: any expression that evaluates to a string supports this feature! Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV Woerden - The Netherlands

Yeah… thats what I had guessed would be the case. Craig Bradney

Just tried it, it works fine. var: String is Text Char is Char i is Integer String := ‘test’; i := 2; Char := UPPERCASE(String)[i]; MESSAGE(‘Char Index = %1\’ + ‘Char Retrieve = %2\’ + ‘Test String = %3’, i, Char, String); Thanks Craig! I for one was not aware of this possibility. Any other undocumented syntax tricks to share with us ? ######

What is even better is that you can do this with anything that returns a Type Text. This includes user defined functions. Paul Baxter