Foshan formally signed until Marbury

Foshan formally signed until Marbury, the team was to arouse a new vitality. Foshan, a high-level basketball club that only like Stephon Marbury led the team atmosphere that can help young coach outlet growth. In addition to Marbury outside the signings of the CBA, Foshan team also well-known foreign aid Oyedeji, plus former players Rick Beijing, Foshan, established in the new season, his trident, and was the fans known as “Ma Liao” coach bags sale . The team’s coach, former coach of the U.S. NBDL Hanjie Long said the team’s current state, to achieve the dream of a championship just around the corner, "I want four or five years, we can be called such as Guangdong Hongyuan coach purses . " Highlights Stephon Marbury Stephon Marbury to sell shoes in Guangdong, in addition to playing outside, or “STAR-BURY” shoes of the boss. It is reported in the previous contract with Shanxi team , including the Shanxi Marbury investors to help promote his shoes, opened the store in terms of Taiyuan. Now, however, Marbury cooperation with Shanxi burst, his plan soon collapsed shoe. This came to Foshan, Marbury told the Express reporter, given the chance, he wants to continue to fulfill the plan. “I will be in Foshan, Guangdong, and even shoe shop.” Marbury said he will detail as soon as possible to implement such coach handbags . The Foshan team official said the two sides of the contract involves only playing, no talking about other commercial . Currently, “STAR-BURY” of shoes on sale in the shop, the price of RMB 100 yuan. I will not speak, how Marbury’s shoes sold, but he is still wearing a warm-up match on the words “Shanxi” the word of the shoes became the focus. Fight in the new season, “former club,” the coach wallets of Shanxi, Marbury said he was not worried: “I think the fans do not hate me in Shanxi.”