Forward Schedulling in Navision

Can navision support forward scheduling? If possible, how do i go about it?

Hi Kelvin When you replan the production order you can select forward. Have a look at these two topics or search for “Forward” in this forum, they may help.

Hi Steven, Thank you once again. Phew! I was searching up down left right for a long time just for that answer…[:D] Regards, Kelvin

Hi Steven, I tried to re-plan a prod oder by selecting forward but it still doesn’t work. Lets say I got an order due today. The system would suggest a start date before today which of course i can’t meet. It has already past. So i use the re-plan function selecting forward hoping the system would suggest a start date of today and give me a suggested end date But it still doesnt work. It keep showing a start date before today. I have read the info on the links you provided but am still blur on how to go abt it. Very new in manufacturing…[:(] I also did try to change that product manufacturing policy to mto. No luck. Any tips? Regards, Kelvin

Hi Kelvin Ultimately the Re-plan button will take into consideration routing alterations. If you just want to move the date, alter the ending date of the order. Ultimately if it has a 10 day lead time and you plan it for tomorrow it will tell you to have started 9 days ago, instead alter the starting date to the day you can start it. Again depending upon your true requirements you may want to go down an add on route for this. I do not know your other reference on MTO, but obviously it will be around MRP. I suggest you update that log. Also as it is a massive area you will need to put down all relevant settings and what you want it to do.

Hi Steven, Ummm… in that case, can I know the difference between selecting forward or backward schedulling direction in re-plan or refresh function? Cause i see no difference [B)] to the production order when either option is selected. Ie what changes? Regards, Kelvin

Hi Kelvin Examples are always best! I have a production order with the following settings. Start Date/Time: 05/02/05 12:10:00 End Date/Time: 05/02/05 15:30:00 I then reduce the routing set-up time by one hour. If I refresh the order and backward schedule the following happens: Start Date/Time: 05/02/05 13:10:00 End Date/Time: 05/02/05 15:30:00 However if I had refreshed the order and forward scheduled the following happens: Start Date/Time: 05/02/05 12:10:00 End Date/Time: 05/02/05 14:30:00 So either it schedules from the start or end date depending upon the method chosen when the routing is altered.

Hi Steven, Wow! Was thinking how on earth could I have known that without your generous help! [:)] . Thanks again! Extremely Grateful, Kelvin