Formulas in the chart of accounts

Hi! Is there any way to user formulas in the chart of accounts. What I would like to do is as following. Totaling 49999-39999 or Totaling (39999 / 49999 ) * 100 I hope I explained my self good enought. It’s hard to explain in the right terms when I normaly use Navision in Swedish. Don’t hessitate to ask if there is anything I need to explain better. Best Regards, Andreas Åsander, EnterNet Technologies

The need for this kind of functions is reporting usually. You have a powerful (yet often underestimated) tool for this available already. Take a look at the Account Schedules, there you can create all kinds of totals, percentages and lots of other interesting figures. John

I agree with John. Account Schedules is probably the most overlooked functionality in Navision Financials. I have made a habit of always showing this to customers during demos, and generallly they buy this granule after 10 minutes of demo. It is a very easy sale, and it gives the customer great value for his money. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S