Formula to BOM product type

Hi All

i need to change the all finished good (Products) defined as the formula to BOM, and also want to change the Formula lines to BOM lines. Is it possible in AX 2012 R2 or manually i have to do it.

Please advise me.

Thanks in Advance.

First of all you need to make sure that these formula items do not have any posted transactions or orders created against.

Secondly, make sure that co/by products are not defined because this is what majorly differentiates a formula item from a BOM item and contributes to the cost calculation. Check it case by case and remove them if exists. Also you need to handle how you are going to accommodate the inventory for these additional outcomes. So conceptually you will face problems.

Finally, changing the Production type to BOM from Formula will delete the Lines so you’ll have to manually re-create Ingredients which would be tedious task I believe. So better I suggest you to delete all items and configure new items if it is testing environment. Otherwise you need to write a job to take care of these manipulations.