Formula import in AX 2012

Hi All,

I currently working on the import of BOM/Formula into AX 2012 R3 CU10 using the DIXF. I finding an issue when i try to import a formula Version record into AX using the BOMVersion DMF entity. How ever, when i do this import into AX, the formula record i import is not recognized as Formula,instead the system recognize as a BOM. What field do i need to add in order for the system to recognize as a formula.

Please let me know.



PmfTypeId is the field. It is part of the standard entity mapping already depending upon how you are populating it.

Thanks adam! I did populate the fied PmfTypeId - But when i do the Import, i see the formula in the Bill of materials form, but not in the formula form under stock management module. Hope you understand what i am saying.

Manually create a formula and check the field in the table.

There is field called PmfBOMFormula, which does not appear in the standard DMF BOmVersion entity.So this is the field which makes the system aware whether it is a BOM or formula. While importing i don’t have this field.

PmfBOMFormula is part of the BOM not the BOM version and you should see it under BOM entity.
Field → BOM_PmfBOMFormula
Have you created the BOM/Formula before importing the versions ?