Forms & Sub Forms

I am having a problem with Forms & Sub-Forms. I am trying to link a sub-form to a form that is larger than the sub-form. So of course i can not view the data that is out of range. I need to know how i can make the entire form be visable in the sub-form WITHOUT changing the dimension of either the form or sub-form. Such as, is there a way to add a scroll bar to the form &/or the sub-form? I know that Navision adds the scroll bars automaticly, but i need to force one, is there a way?

I expect that your form that is used as subform on main form looks like “standrad” subforms (e.g. F46) and has only tableBox control on it. The XPos and YPos of TableBox should be 0 and the Width and Height should be the same as Width and Height of form. Don’t forget to set HorzGlue=Both and VertGlue=Both on TableBox. On main form subform control is placed and this control must have the same Width and Height as form mentioned before. Also set HorzGlue=Both and VertGlue=Both and Border=No. This way you will have scrollbars in place when needed.