Forms Display


I have 3 tables




in emp&dept tables Deptno is lookup from Dept–>Deptno

Salgrade data is

Grade Losal Hisal

1 700 2000

2 2001 3000

My Requirement is As follows in FORMS.It is working in SQL SERVER.It is possible in Ax forms?


Is there any relations between these tables…

In Dept & emp havin Normal relation through Deptno column

Hi Naru,

You can take the EMP table in the form and get the data EmpName,EmpNo,DeptNo,Sal it,and DeptName and grade you should write the display methods to get the data…

Naresh Kolli

Hi Naresh,

I am already try that as follows But it will display only Grade is 1 for all rows

display grade Grade()
emp emp;
salgrade salgrade;
while select grade from salgrade join emp where salgrade.LOSAL<=emp.sal && salgrade.HISAL>=emp.sal
return salgrade.GRADE;


Is there any relation between these tables Salgrade and emp…

There is no relation between Emp And Salgrade table

Then how can you retrive the data…if there is no relation or common field between these tables…

Naresh Kolli

Hi Naresh,

We have Sal field in EMP table and Salgrade having fields Losal and Hisal by using these tables we can retriveing data in Data base with the help of join condition as follows

select ename,empno,sal,grade from emp,salgrade where salgrade.losal<=emp.sal and salgrade.hisal>=emp.sal.

in the above away it is possible in Axapta?

no one have idea about this? Please tell me…

No one have idea about this?

Hai Naru,

Tell me one thing whats the presnt status… how far you are successful ??



You cannot select from two or more table by using a select statement in AX.

Even you cannot join here because you don’t have relation between them.

The only way is to write a display method.

Hi Kranthi,

I am already write the display method as above.But it will show grade " 1" for all rows…