Forms display methods

Hii all,

Whats the difference if we write a display method on a form control level and form’s datasource level.


1)FormABC - >methods->display method 1

2)FormABC ->Data Sources → Data Source1 ->methods → display method 1

Whats the difference between the two ?

Pls answer…

There no functional difference between them. When I had to put a display method on a form, I always preferred adding it to a data source (according to usual code placement practices). Nevertheless there is an argument against it in AX 2012, where form methods are saved to layers separately, which doesn’t apply to methods on data sources. So using methods on data source may increase the risk of upgrade conflicts.

The best approach is placing display methods on tables whenever possible -you may want to use them on other forms and it allows display method caching.

Thanks Martin :slight_smile: