formref property

in table properties “Formref” why we r using this.

Pl refer the below link.

Hello Mohan,

The FormRef table property: Specifies the display menu item that is activated when a table is referenced. A display menu item is associated with a form. When you use a primary index field on a report, this form is available as a link in the report. A primary index is specified by using the PrimaryIndex property. If you leave this field blank, the system attempts to display a form that has the same name as the table.

Hi Shankar,

I have two tables 1st ->CourseTable where primary index is set to CourseNo

2nd->CoursePlanTable where primary index is set to CoursePlanNo

In 2nd Table i set FormRef->CourseTable

There is no relation between two tables and no EDT relation.

I created a report using 2nd Table.When i am opening the report…as you said CoursePlanNo should come as a link where i can go to main table CourseTable as per formRef…

But i am seeing no link at all. One thing i noticed…

If i create a table relation or EDT relation then link is coming without formRef property…

then in which scenario i’ll use this property…and what’s the difference between ReportRef and FormRef ? Can you please guide me in this ?