Formatting text in MS Excel

Hello World :wink: Does anyone of you know, how to format text in Excel (from Navision attain 3.60). I have had a look into the standard code in Navision, but could not find a function. Specificly I need to do some Left or Right justification.

I did that before have to look, one second

Did you do a search on the forum ?

Yes - I did search the forum (as I always do before asking :slight_smile: ) I did find a handfull that had excel, but no one, that would help me on that specific issue!

what exactly do you want to say with format text in excel? xlworksheet.Range(‘A1’).Value := ‘TEXT’; xlworksheetw.Range(‘C…H’).NumberFormat := ‘########0,00’; you can look in de Visual basic help(Msdn) …

I want to specify a Text Right Justify… Description Amount -------------------------- ---------- Something 1.934,21

Hi Henrik, xlWorkskeet.Range(‘A1’).HorizontalAlignment := -4131; // -4131=xlLeft -4152=xlRight -4108=xlCenter

Hi All - Thankyou very much. I appreciate y’all’s help on this one!