Formatting in Excel When Export the Data from Ax 2009

Dear All,

I have a FORM with 5 Columns.(ID, Name, Date,Available,Remarks)

Based on the Date i have set colors in Rows.

For Example, If the record date is today means the record highlighted by green color.

Previous date means red color.

and Upcoming date means it will be highlighted by skyblue.

Its working properly.

My Question is When i click the Export to Excel(Ctrl+E) in Form Header, the Records in form will be copied to a new excel.

But I need to Highlighted the colors in Excel also.

How to highlight Excel rows with colors…?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi, please have a look at the following links:

Hope it helps



Thanks Mr.Thomas.

I got solution for it by using

SysExcelStyle styleYellow;


But Now facing some issue which is asked in below link