Format Validation of GUID field in NAV 2009

Hi everyone,

I have created a new “GUID field” with a text data type due to an integration. I need to VALIDATE it. Now i know how to use the validation function. But i need to validate so when the GUID is manually entered through a form in NAV, I need to check if the format is correct or not. If it has an incorrect format. It has to throw an error.

Example correct GUID: “CDEF7890-ABCD-1234-ABCD-1234567890AB”

Incorrect GUID: “CDEF7890-ABCD-1234-ABCD-234567890AB” (‘This has wrong format with a digit missing’)

I have checked into Evaluate and Format function in NAV, but i dont have an idea on how to use them with GUID field. Can anyone please guide me on what should i do to Validate the format of the GUID field?


when you have GUID field in table , you cannot enter wrongly formatted Guid. Not exactly sure what more validation you require here

Sorry about that i didnt mention this, The GUID field has been Created as a Text Data Type in the Table. I will edit it in the main thread.

EVALUATE(quidvalue,textvalue) should validate

Thanks for the insights, But if the Hyphens are misplaced in the GUIDfield like “123-4ABCD” instead of “1234-ABCD”, In this case even if it is incorrect, that would also be considers as correct right?

misplaced hyphens will not be considered as correct. the evaluate should validate guid as whole


I tested it, It is asking for the flower bracket “{ }” for the Textvalue, since it is the standard format of GUID. Is there any way or possibility to remove or ignore the brackets?

GUID requires the brackets so all you have to do is to add that to your string with some simple lines of code.