FORMAT option (error in string #2)

I’m using Attain ver. 3.60. I’ve declared an optionfield say Fieldname: OField String: A, B Caption: “String A”, “String B” MESSAGE(FORMAT(OField,OField::B)) gives the result “S” where I expected “String B”. It works find when I choose ::A. I have tried to add C, D etc. and these gives error too. Can anybody help me. /Regards Jan

Hi Leindals, Kindly see the help of FORMAT function. Second argument of FORMAT function represent the length. There are various criteria mentioned in the help to display the value through FORMAT function.

Hi, The numeric value of then option ‘String B’ is 1. MESSAGE(FORMAT(Ofield,OField::B)); //shows “S” because the numeric value of OField::B is 1 MESSAGE(FORMAT(Ofield,OField::C)); //shows “St” because the numeric value of OField::B is 2 MESSAGE(FORMAT(OField)); //shows “String B” MESSAGE(FORMAT(OField,0,’’); //shows 1

Thank You, Now I understand. /Jan