Format Function

I need a decimal format with 2 decimal after comma

If decimal number is 654,44 it is OK

But if decimal number is 654,40 the result is 654,4

And if decimal number is 4,00 the result is 4

How can I do it?

I am using this format:


The data format for Amount is decimal.


I think you want <Decimals,2>. A lot of the format strings have options second “parameters” that you can pass. Same with dates, if you want the month to be 09 instead of 9 for example.

With this solution, in same cases I have ** instead of values??

Do you know Why???

I am using the format d«function on a XML file:

X := FORMAT(Amount,0,’<Comma,.><Decimals,2>’);


It will display *'s if there is not enough space on the screen.


But this is not a report, this is a XML File, so there is enougth space.

In a XML file how can I avoid ** in output file?