FORMAT(DecVar,0,'<Precision,4:4><Integer><Decimals>') fails in NAV 2013 R2

Gotta a strange error in something I have used many times. Now in NAV 2013 R2 this doesn’t work.

Dummy := FORMAT(DecVar,0,’<Precision,4:4>’)

When I run this code I’m faced with this error:

An invalid field or attribute has been specified for the ‘Format’ property.

Exactly what did I miss here?

The expected outcome is a text (Dummy is a text var used for testing this) formatted like ‘13.0200’.

If I changed the code to:

Dummy := FORMAT(1,0,’<Precision,4:4><Standard Format,9>’)

Then Dummy returns ‘1’ - not ‘1.000’ as expected.

Did you try <Precision,4:4>

Yes. The strange thing is while

FORMAT(1,0,’<Precision,4:4><Standard Format,9>’)

returns ‘1’

FORMAT(0,0,’<Precision,4:4><Standard Format,9>’)

returns ‘0.0000’.

So I did a workaround, like this:

IF DecVar = 1 THEN
DecString := '1.0000’
DecString := FORMAT(DecVar,0,’<Precision,4:4>’);

Any other suggestions?