Format and size for company logo upload in NAV 2017?

What are the best dimensions and format for an undistorted logo on invoices, etc.?

a .bmp file with size of 32KB or less will give you undistorted logo on invoices.

Yes in the classic versions it had to be old bitmap files.
But now with NAV 2017 you can use almost any format. My personal preference for logo files in NAV 2017 is the *.PNG format.

The way you save the file can make a big difference.
The size depends should be approximately the same as the shape in the invoice report. And with NAV 2017 you have different invoice reports to choose from. If you use the “standard” RDLC based report (no. 206) and not the Word layout reports, then the size is 60mm x 14mm. That means that a logo file ideally should have the same proportions. Ex. 600x140 pixels - or twice that. But still watch the size of the actual file, keep it as small as possible. And here the PNG format helps compared to the BMP format.


I would recommend using .JPG because it’s up to 10 times smaller than .PNG for the ~same Quality and you can’t notice big difference of Quality between those 2.
You should use PNG only if you need transparency, which in general is not needed in ERP-Systems.

Imagine exporting/printing multiple documents or different labels. (1.000 or 10.000). This 1:10 difference could make a huge difference in perfomance.

best regards,
Thomas Barbut

Thank you, Thomas :slight_smile:

Thank you, Erik. I was after the proportions too … Would you count NAV 3.51f US-beta from July 1993 among the “classic versions”? :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas,
I would generally never use JPG files for logo’s. Only for pictures with a lot of colors. JPG may be compressible to a smaller size, but when containing large blocks for solid colors, and simple shapes with crisp edges like logo’s, then you often have a rather blur result.
This is because the image is compressed the text, color, or lines may blur resulting in an image that is not as sharp as it would be saved in another format like PNG. In a picture this is not visible.
I have noticed this to especially be a problem when used in PDF files.

I can add that if your use RDLC report no. 10074 the dimensions need to be about 1145x280 for a double sized PNG file.

Yes. If it doesn’t fit in the right proportions, then it will adjust it and show it left aligned in the picture box in RDLC.

Yes. But if the logo is to retain its proportions (so that a circle is not an ellipse), then both dimensions and their proportions matter :slight_smile: