Format Addree

I in the process of creating a new statement document, which is bascially a merge of the aged debtor report and the current statement (our customers would rather just see all outstanding items, whether due or not!) I have so far got it to show this information, and now working on the address layout. I have created a customer header section of the report, which will show the customer address and the company info. I have created text boxes as : CustAddr[…] etc and CompanyAddr[…] etc I have declared the globals CustAdd (with 8 dimensions) and CompAdd as text length 50 and a variable to run codeunit 365 In OnPreDataItem CompanyInfo.GET; FormatAddr.Company(CompanyAddr,CompanyInfo); FormatAddr.Customer(CustAddr,Customer); The company details work fine, however, there on no customer address details printed. Im i missing something?! Thanks

You probably need to put the Customer FormatAddr after you get the record (OnAfterGetRecord).

yep that was it! looking closer i saw this later on! :smiley: now im having problems getting the customer name to tie in with the ledger entries. for some reason, the first customer wants to appear twice which then throws the name out of synch with the entries. any help on this one!?