Form with many forms

Hi all,

I need to create form with following tasks,

  1. Student card

  2. Sales journal

3 Cash receit journal

How can I create all these forms in a single form with card type form not a tabular one.

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Can you be more clear what is requirement and what is purpose of having all forms in single form???

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A form can only have one primary source table. But you are able to define multiple sub forms, just like you see it on the sales order form.

But like Amol, then I really would like to know why? The “why” is the most important word any NAV developer/consultant should know, as you need to understand the requirement, before you start programming. The same goes when you ask anyone for an advise. But also always say which product/version you are using. It’s rather different from NAV 5.0 to NAV 2013.

Thank you for the replies.

I decided to do it using web services. By requirement is to have a more user friendly interface for a person who havent any accounting knowledge.