Form that is called while posting a purchase Order

Hi All,

I am new in Dynamics Ax and would like to know which form is called while posting purchase Order (not PurchForm). When we click on Purchase Order/Psoting/purchase Order , i see the button is pointing to type “Action” and the Class name is PurchForm_purchOrder. what form does open to create the purchase Order and how ?

Please advice…


It’s Forms\PurchEditLines. The easy way to find this out is right click on the form you are inquiring about, then click setup, then click on the Information tab and you can see the caller and the form name.

The action menu item you are talking about is actually calling Classes\PurchFormLetter, which in turn determines that PurchFormLetter_PurchOrder needs to be called. The form itself is actually instantiated in Classes\PurchFormLetter\Dialog though. PurchFormLetter_PurchOrder extends PurchFormLetter

Hi Shankar,

Form name is PurchEditLines.