Form - Slow Performance

Afternoon all,

Would appreciate some feedback with regard to a question I have.

We have customised the production orders form to include warehouse linked in from the InventDim table.

The prodtable currently holds 200,000 records.

When in the Production Orders form and sort the warehouse column in ascending order, the data (grid) takes over 10 minutes to sort the data by warehouse.

Is there anyway of improving the sort order process?

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I think increasing RAM on client machine will help.

What version of Dynamics Ax are we talking about?

Is there an index matching ProdTable->warehouse (column)?

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Søren Olsen

Many thanks to Soeran and Akusman for the replies over the weekend. Much appreciated!

Soeren - With regard to your point on indexes.

How will this help?

When I navigate to the ProdTable within the AOT and drill down to indexes there is no indexing matching a warehouse.

There is no fields on ProdTable that reference inventlocation.

If I open the ProdTable form I can see 2 datasources; ProdTable and InventDim (these link on inventdimid through EDT).

There is a warehouse (inventlocationid) on the InventDim table. Does this help with your question?

Thanks and kind regards, Tom

Tom did you get any solution?