form refresh (AX2009)

Hi friends,

I have a form. this form have a menu button , when clicked on it a new form opens .On this form user do some thing which updates the original form source table but it does not reflect on the form.

However when press F5 manually it refreshes the form . how to do ,so that it refreshes automatically when there is an update from the child form?


write below code in clicked method of button and let us know whether its working or not




//after call to the form




to complete Krishna’s answer, I’ll add true as following: Table_ds.research(true), it keeps focus on the selected record



i have already tried this , but it did not work

It would be better if you are bit more specific.

post your code

so, you have a few other possibilities but I need more informations:

what is the purpose of your child form?

what actions are perfomed on the child form ?

do you have buttons ?

You can have a look at the following link :



yes Thomas,

That child form has also a button , which user has to click.

can you try the following code on your child form button clicked method:


let me know the result