Form problems

Hi, I am calling a form from a maximised form, but i need the subform to NOT maximise, is there any way i can do this?? The initial form will be used on different computers i.e I cannot fix the size of the initial form. Is there any way i can get around this? ,and is there also a way to hide the Navigation Pane, using code? Thanks

You could set the property “Maximizable” to “No” for the “sub form” you call, but this would also set the “parent form” to normal view … To hide the Navigation Pane via code I could imagine to use the “Windows Scripting Host”: WSH_Shell Automation ‘Windows Script Host Object Model’.WshShell CREATE(WSH_Shell); WSH_Shell.SendKeys(’%{F1}’); // Alt+F1 CLEAR(WSH_Shell); Maybe that helps a little …

Thanks for your reply, but this brought up a new problem, ever since i began using Navision, i have never had the option type “Automation”, Does any one KNow Why ?, how i can get it ! So, i cant use your advice!!

You have to have the appropriate license for using Automation and OCX, do you have Granule ID 1750?

There is a small problem with Jörg’s code: (Sorry Jörg [;)]) This code will “Toggle” your NAvigation pane every time you run that code. So if you use that code in the CU1, Navigation Pain will be hidden and shown every second run of the Navision Client. Except you delete the ZUP file every time before you start Navision. Which is in fact not really a good idea.