Form not returning data

I have a form that is using a query that is based on a view that I created in the AOT. When I select from the view in Management Studio the data shows up fine. I have selected the fields that I want in the design list but when I open the form no data shows up. What do I need to do to poulate the form?

Firstly, check whether you’re connected in the right company.

Then try to open the view in AOT - it will tell you whether the problem is in the view itself or in the form. SQL Server Management Studio doesn’t understand things like AX companies, data effectiveness etc., so it’s not very relevant in such cases.

I have AllowCrossCompany set to Yes. I’m opening it in the AOT and I don’t see any error messages, just a message that the grid is empty.

Sorry if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me that you try to open the query and you get “This grid is empty” in the list of range fields. That’s not result of the query!

Open the AOT view - you’ll either see some data, or empty table browser. If you don’t get any data, you’ll know that the problem is in the view, not in the query nor the form. If you see right data, you’ll know that the view is all right and you have problem somewhere else (e.g. wrong data binding in the form).

It’s difficult to find the problem unless you narrow where it can be.

When I open the view in the AOT I see the data.

Good. So the problem is either in the query and somewhere in the form. There are two basic cases:

  1. The form query doesn’t return any data because of filters, inner joins and so on.
  2. The query is OK but you don’t bind the datasource correctly to form controls, e.g. you have wrong value DataSource property of your grid.

Unfortunately nobody can say what exactly is wrong in your code.


I think that u will be solve this issue ,

other wise you will check Datasource name assigned grid in design

I hope that will help you

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