Form must get open till NAV is open...

Dear All,

i am just doing some RND in nav… so i just want to open a welcome form at the time of NAV opening and that form must open till NAV did not closed, (welcome form must not close in any other case)

What i did for that is following::

  1. ) I Open that welcome form at Codeunit -ApplicationManagement → CompanyOpen()


and use this Codeunit as single instance

2.) Now second thing i have done on Form - OnQueryCloseForm() : Boolean

Exit(TempClose) — TempClose is a boolean variable

I have created a function also

UpdateFormClose(Temp : Boolean)

TempClose := Temp;

3.) Last thing i have done at again in Codeunit -ApplicationManagement → CompanyClose()


I also check that at the time opening – CompanyClose() function get execute first then CompanyOpen().

Please let me know what i have missed in these steps, Welcome form get open now but problem is i am not able to close neither NAV nor form.


Do you have any solutions about your problem? I would like to realize something similar. And I have nearly the same code as you have.