Form List View show a total count

I have been asked to put a total count of say part numbers for example when someone opens the Item card in list view. Down at the bottom of the list view form where it says OK, Cancel. etc… it would have total number of parts in the Navision table 27.

So I’d start with Text Box - On trigger. I’d need a Global variable. Reccount numeric. Maybe reccount: =reccount + 1;

Thanks in advance. Greg.

Hi Greg,

It’s a lot simplier that that - use the COUNT function e.g. Rec.COUNT. Put a textbox with Rec.COUNT and you’re done [;)]

It will update even when you filter.

Worked like a charm Dave. Thanks a million…

Glad to Help [:D]

To take this one step further could you have a count that said what record you were on. Say record 5,000 out of a total of 30,000???

Hi Greg,

You will have to code this. Off the top of my head you could create a variable for the record you are using. In the onaftergetcurrrecord trigger - filter the record variable to ‘…’+CurrentRecord and then display the count of the record variable as the “5000” records.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.