Form issue


I am working in the “Inward Gate Entry” form. I hav 2 fields here. “Company Vehicle No” and “Vehicle Reading”. “Company Vehicle No” is given with 3 options. So I wnt to set the form as if the “company Vehicle No” field is entered then “vehicle Reading” field should be editable otherwise it has to be non editable. I hav put the coding in “OnAfterGet Record” of the form. With this coding its takin the Vehicle reading field as non editable, but even after entering the vehicle no its not getting editable.Can anyone pls help me out.

IF ((“Company Vehicle No” = “Company Vehicle No”::“KA-09 1153”) OR (“Company Vehicle No” =
“Company Vehicle No”::“KA-09 9012”) OR (“Company Vehicle No” = “Company Vehicle No”::“KA-09 Z 3507”)) THEN
CurrForm.“Vehicle Reading”.EDITABLE := TRUE
CurrForm.“Vehicle Reading”.EDITABLE := FALSE

Put the Code in “company Vehicle No”- OnValidate Trigger also…

Hi Mohan :slight_smile:

Thank you so much… Its working fine…


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