form : header and line

Hi Friends ,

I have a form with two datasources joined with delayed join like header and line.

the header datasource table has P.Key K1,K2 and line datasource table has P.Key as K1,K2,K3

when i create new line on the line form the value in field K1 is automatically picked but i want to pick K2 also.

how to do this.

please help

This is due to the relation between them.

If you need other fields to be filled from the header table, write a initFromHeader method in the line table to fill the required fields from the header and call that in the initValue method of the line data source (for inspiration see \Forms\SalesTable\Data Sources\SalesLine\Methods\initValue)

HI Kranti ,

Thanks a lot!!!

your reply always comes with a solution [:D]