Form - Getting records

Hi all!

I have a form with a Tablebox.

The form has the table ‘Service Item’ as Source table.
When i run the form, records are displayed in the tablebox. -So far so good.

But, for every record that is dispayed I want to get information from that record.
How can I get information from the record that is displayed in the tablebox?

I have tried in ‘Form - OnNextRecord’ but no success.

Can you please help me.


Håkan W

Which record you want to display on the form?

Is it information from Service Item table or from another table?

Write code in Form - OnAfterGetCurrRecord() trigger.

but what exactly is your requirement?

Hejsan Håkan,

Let me understand your problem correctly. You have a form using Service Item. Now you say that your records are being displayed in the form. But also that you want to display information from that record in the form. Normally I would just add those missing fields containing the information to the form.

Or did I miss some part of your question here?


I am showing records from the table Service Item in a Form.
I am also are showing some information from Sales line, Sales Head like sales order number, salesman and so on.

This was my original question.

The solution that I found was to add onbound text boxes in the Table Box and put information there (from Sales line and Sales Head).
I do this action in Form - OnAfterGetRecord. IT WORKS! :slight_smile:

But now I have a new question

Say that I only want to show information from Service Item för salesman #11.

Salesman #11 doesnt exist in the table Service Item.

How do I do to only display rows for that salesman?


Håkan W

You should Identy any table relation between Service Items and Salesman and put filter on OnOpen form trigger…

I have never done this.

Have you any details how to do this - Please