Form for Selected Record

Hi All,

I want to show selected record in a new form.

Share your Ideas…

Hi sai bobby,

First conform u r selecting a record in form right, u want to show that record in another form , If another form is already created , Then in selected record form create a Itembuttonmenu Give Prop : MenuItemType -Display & MenuItemName- XXXX. Before that create a menuitem-Display - Your newform. After that when u select a record and click on button record will open new form…Hope it will work.

take a button->clicked()

void clicked()
Args _args;
FormRun _formRun;



_args = new Args();“Your New”));

_formRun = ClassFactory.formRunClass(_args);

_args.record(“Your current Form Table”);

in new form init()

Table tb;


tb = element.args().record();


while select NewFormTable where NewFormTable.field == tb.field



this will work for you

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try this link You will find a post, this is for report same way u can do for Forms.

Hi Suni,

Thank you