Form Filter Help

Hi, I want to show Incomplete Jobs in the standard Job Card and all Completed Jobs in another form (which I copied from the original form). I set the SourceTableView property of the standard form as: WHERE(Status=FILTER(<>Completed)) I set the SourceTableView property of the Completed Jobs form as: WHERE(Status=FILTER(Completed)) However, when I change the status of an incomplete job (say J0001) to Completed and want to go to the next or another record, it asks “Do you want to rename record?”. If I choose No, it changes the Status back to original value. If I choose Yes, it gives the error “Job No. J0001 already exists.” But it does let me go to the other records. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance

try CURRFORM.UPDATE(TRUE) in the OnAfterValidate-Trigger of field STATUS