Form FieldGroup redesign

Hello experts,

I am very new to the D365 F&O development and still trying to understand all the components.

I have a form extension already created for the purchase requisition form.

According to our requirement I need to add new notes field to the form line details section.

I have created the field in the table, added the field data entity, and made sure the field is added to the field group on the table called ‘Item’

I am not sure how I can refresh the already existing field group ‘Item’ on the form so it can get the new field added.

Any help/guidance is appreciated.



Go to the form extension, find the group control bound to the field group, right-click it and choose Restore.

Thank you Martin. I tried to restore but it did not make any difference. However I realized the data source is the base table and I added the new field to the extension of that table.

You may need to refresh the field group in the form data source.

I don’t understand what you mean by the other part. Are you saying that you’re working with a wrong table and now you’ve added the field to the right table and the right field group?