Form Datasource/Linktype Question

We’re having some issues getting the employee details form working how’d we like.

Here is the Employee Details form view we have currently, notice the Employee Type column is only being populated on the first row:

Here is the set up in the AOT:

Here is what we want, and I get this result when switching the Link Type to InnerJoin, works great:

However, when I go to add a new employee I get a “Field ‘Employee’ must be filled in” warning:

I have tried all sorts of different LinkTypes and other properties in the AOT, but either I can only get the first row to have data populated (delayed) or get an error opening the form or adding a new employee.

I can’t figure out how to post images…sorry.

Hi Joel,

Not sure if you are still having this problem but I thought I’ld post a reply all the same as it may be of benefit to others.

I was getting the same error message too (“Field ‘Employee’ must be filled in.”) when I tried updating an employee record that I had imported (not created using the Employee Details form). The problem lies in the HRMPartyEmployeeRelationship table (Employee dates tab on the Employee Details form). You would get that error usually if

  1. the employee has no corresponding record in that table; or
  2. for all the employee’s corresponding records in that table, the current date falls outside of the ValidFromDateTime and ValidToDateTime range

Have a look at these dates in the table for the employee and create a record if none exists or adjust them such that the current date falls within their range.

I hope this helps.