Form Caption


I wanted to use unique identification for each new workspace window. so, i have planned to use the string e.g. ‘(1 - cee)’ apperead on the caption of each of the modules (i.e. forms, cotent area).

But i am not able to find the whole caption string. In the ‘ItemInvent’ form caption there is ‘caption’ property set to ‘Item’ and ‘TitleDataSource’ property to InventTable. I have ananlysed the ‘Caption’ property which is set to ‘Item’, but it only prints the ‘Item’ text on the InventTable form’s caption. I am not able to find the ‘(1 - cee)’ text which apperead along with the ‘Item’ text on the InventTable form.

Can anyone please suggest me some idea to get this text (i.e. (1 - cee), (2 - cee) and so on.)

Hai Ashlesh,

Sorry i didn’t find the solution but i know the text 1-cee is coming from the property of

setCompany → YES

May I ask why?

Why do you want to change each form in the application? Does it really give your customer any kind of business value, that would justify paying for the work done, and paying for it again each time you upgrade?

@ Ashlesh ,i though u posted in the wrong forum.please post in the ax forum

Hi Naresh,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I actually wanted to get the ‘1’ from the ‘1-cee’. I can find the ‘cee’ using ‘curExt()’ but not able to get ‘1’.

My purpose is to concate the these two (‘1’ & ‘cee’) and prepare a string (‘1cee’), which will be used for unique identification of every new workspace window.

so, do u know any way to to get ‘1’ (which is always different for every workspace window (i.e. 2,3,4 and so on))?

Thanks again.